bPoint and Taikong Corp. joint-developed the world's first “smart aquarium” solution!

TAIPEI, Taiwan, December 4, 2014 

The international aquarium lighting leading brand, FLEXI-M, under Taikong Corporation announced today a partnership with smart home appliance leading brand, bPoint, to joint-develop “smart aquarium” solution. This partnership will enable Taikong Corporation to become the first company to integrate state-of-the-art smart control technology and professional aquarium breeding capability, providing aquarium consumers a brand new experience that is more convenient, less time consuming, and risk reduced.

Taikong Corporation was established in 1977. It is the number one aquarium product manufacture in Asia and prides itself on the development of leading technology. Subsidiaries of Taikong Corporation include aquarium lighting brand FLEXI-M and water control and aquatic plants care additives brand AZOO PLUS and Nature Gro AZOO, which are distributed to over 40 countries worldwide.

Taikong Corp. product manager, Mr. Fang Yao-Ting, said “FLEXI-M has always pride ourselves for being a product company. We want our customers to feel happy all the time for owning our product. We are confident that the innovative solution resulting from this close collaboration between our R&D team and bPoint will bring aquarium lovers all over the world a brand new experience.”

CEO of bPoint, Mr. Jonathan Lin, also indicated that “through partnership with Taikong Corporation, we realized that bPoint can make even more contribution to the everyday life of consumers. Our team is very excited with great anticipation on this opportunity to work with the leader of aquarium industry.”

FLEXI-M announced the first “smart aquarium” solution last week and the aquarium fanatics now have something to look forward to!

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